Bible Class


Our Bible Classes run for approximately an hour and are more in depth studies of various portions of the scriptures, followed by discussion and comment.


All are welcome.


4 January Jeremy Thomas Birmingham Given by Inspiration of God
11 January Luke Foley Coventry Important of Prayer - In the Old Testament
18 January Sam Harrison Rugby Important of Prayer - In the New Testament
25 January David Honey Coventry An Appeal to an Orthadox Jew
1 February Jeff Sewell Coventry Sacrificial Offerings - Sin Offering
8 February Jeff Sewell Coventry Sacrificial Offerings - Trespass Offering
15 February Annual Business Meeting
22 February Jeff Sewell Coventry Sacrificial Offerings - Burnt Offering
1 March Jeff Sewell Coventry Sacrificial Offerings - Peace Offering
8 March Kitson Reid Birmingham "O Give Thanks Unto The Lord" - Psalm 105
15 March Matthew Harrison Coventry David and Jonathan
22 March Laurence Davenport Rugby "Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly Places (Eph 1)
29 March Andy Oram Birmingham No More Strangers But Fellow Citizens (Eph 2-3)
5 April Ben Bramhill Birmingham Walking Worthily of the Calling (Eph 4)
12 April Matt Baines Coventry Put on the Whole Armour of God (Eph 6)
19 April David Honey Coventry Sacrifice in the Sermon on the Mount
26 April Phil Hobbins Coventry Man's Self Will in the book of Genesis
3 May Martin Bullivant Coventry Ezra
10 May Quarterly Business Meeting
17 May David Morgan Rugby Priniciples of Belief - Creation (Gen 1-11)
24 May Paul Davenport Northampton Principles of Belief - Sin and Death and the Promise of Redemption (Gen 1-11)
31 May David Fry Coventry Principles of Belief - Two Paths: Cain and Abel (Gen 1-11)
7 June Stewart Marsden Coventry Principles of Belief - Noah (Gen 1-11)
15 June
(8pm @ Gros Rd)
Andrew Johnson Coventry -
21 June Steve Robinson Coventry Principles of Belief - Nimrod and Babel (Gen 1-11)
28 June Jon Day Coventry Assembling Yourselves Together
5 July Kevin Sweeney Coventry Mount Olivet Prophecy
(part 1)
12 July Kevin Sweeney Coventry Mount Olivet Prophecy
(part 2)
18 July
(8pm @ Nuneaton)
- - -
26 July Tim Sutcliffe Rugby Manna
2 August Quarterly Business Meeting
9 August John Wane Birmingham Question Evening
16 August Michael Woodcock Birmingham The Rebellion of Absalom
23 August David Fry Coventry Nicodemus
30 August Julian Harding Birmingham TBC
6 September Dan Turner Coventry Peer Pressure
13 September James Andrews Kenilworth Prayers of Moses
19 September
(8pm @ West)
Philip Weatherall Daventry A Place Called Armageddon
27 September Matthew Pearce Rugby Overview of Isaiah
4 October Andrew Shemeld Nottingham Vision concerning Judah and Jerusalem
11 October David Brown Coventry Babylon
18 October Kevin Allison Rugby Moab
25 October Clive Williams Coventry Damascus
1 November Quarterly Business Meeting
8 November Brian Newall Coventry Joshua - Part 1
15 November Brian Newall Coventry Joshua - Part 2
22 November Brian Newall Coventry Joshua - Part 3
29 November David Honey Coventry Islam versus the Truth
6 December Martin Bullivant Coventry Nehemiah - Man of Prayerful Action

Some previous talks are available for listening here:

6 Jan '16 David Fry Coventry Behold I Come Quickly
13 Jan '16 Kevin Sweeney Coventry I And My Father Are One
20 Jan '16 Andrew Johnson Birmingham I Am Come To Send Fire Upon The Earth
27 Jan '16 Matthew Pearce Rugby Foundation Of Revelation
3 Feb '16 Richard Dargy Coventry Jesus Chris And The Redeemed
10 Feb '16 Sam Tomkins Coventry Seven Letters
24 Feb '16 Alan Clarke Birmingham The Throne Of Heaven
2 Mar '16 Donald Pearce Rugby Sealed Scroll And Prevailing Lamb
9 Mar '16 Roger Long Coventry The Seven Seals
16 Mar '16 Mike Jenner Birmingham The Tithes Of The Law
30 Mar '16 Julian Harding Birmingham The Abomination That Causes Desolation
6 Apr '16 David Honey Coventry The New Creation
13 Apr '16 Peter Colston Coventry Let No Man Rob You Of Your Reward
11 May '16 Brian Newall Coventry The Tabernacle - The Encampment Of Israel
18 May '16 Nigel McCorrie Coventry The Tabernacle - The Most Holy
25 May '16 Steve Robinson Coventry The Tabernacle - Materials and Structure
1 Jun '16 Kevin Sweeney Coventry The Tabernacle - The Outer Court
22 Jun '16 James Andrews Kenilworth The Provers - Wisdom For Today
29 Jun '16 George McDonald Knowle Testing The Translations
6 Jul '16 Richard Cook Birmingham The Atonement
13 Jul '16 Donald Pearce Rugby Milestones
20 Jul '16 Phil Maslin Shirley Promises To David
17 Aug '16 Alan Briley Nuneaton "Deuteronomy"
7 Sept '16 Paul Clarke Coventry The Development and Destruction Of The Beast, His Image And Organisation (ch 12-14)
14 Sept '16 David Honey Coventry The Seven Vials Of Divine Wrath (ch 15-16)
28 Sept '16 Peter Brown Coventry Judgement And Triumph (ch 17-20)
5 Oct '16 Paul Wasson Birmingham New Heavens And New Earth (ch 21-22)
12 Oct '16 Michael Storey Coventry Asa's Reformations
19 Oct '16 John Wane Coventry The Virtuous Woman
26 Oct '16 Clive Williams Coventry Numbers In Scripture
16 Nov '16 Jeff Sewell Coventry Samson: Part 1
23 Nov '16 Jeff Sewell Coventry Samson: Part 2
21 Dec '16 Paul Davies Coventry Psalm 45
28 Dec '16 John Wane Coventry Looking Back and Forward #1Looking Back and Forward #2


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