sunday bible talks


These Bible talks, which normally last around 30 minutes, cover first principle Bible subjects and topical issues from the perspective of the Word of God.


All are welcome.


1 January David Honey Coventry You Are Saved By Grace
8 January Gerald Hayes Coventry The Day That Changed The World
15 January Dan Parsons Ashby Lost and Found
22 January David Lister Barton-u-Needwood Why Go To Church?
29 January Jeff Sewell Coventry Creation not Evolution
5 February Rob Newman Birmingham It's All In The Name... Of Jesus
12 February Andy Shemeld Nottingham Where Does Conscience Come From?
19 February Jon Day Coventry Christianity Today
26 February David Kirby Birmingham What Happens When We Die?
5 March Mark Pennington Daventry Why Follow Christ in a Post Christian Era?
12 March Ben Coleman Birmingham What on Earth Happens Next?
19 March Tim Morgan Ashton-under-Lyne How Can God Allow Such Suffering?
26 March James Wilson Leicester Resurrection Is The Real Hope
2 April John Wane Coventry Sayings of Jesus - Enter Ye In At The Strait Gate
9 April Matthew Padgett Birmingham Why I Believe The Bible
16 April John Hellawell Peterborough The Reality of the Resurrection
23 April Graham Parker Dudley Jesus Is Alive
30 April Michael Jones Coventry Your Future - In Fear or Faith?
7 May Tim Sutcliffe Rugby Abraham, David, Jesus and You
14 May David Brown Coventry Six Days That Changed the World
21 May Michael Jenner Rugby The Name of God Declares His Purpose
28 May Michael Woodcock Birmingham Wise Unto Salvation
4 June David Burgess Leamington God Cares For You
11 June Andrew Bramhill Redditch God's Truth in a Post Truth World
18 June Philip Hayes Birmingham God's Answer to World Problems
25 June Brian Newall Coventry Egypt in Bible Prophecy
2 July David Cave Nottingham Israel - Modern Day Miracle
9 July Richard Dargie Coventry Why I Became a Christadelphian
16 July Peter Neate-Stidson Yeovil Does God Exist?
23 July David Nightingale Worcester Great and Precious Promises for You
30 July Clive Williams Coventry 1967 - Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD
6 August Adam Aitkenhead Ashton-u-Lyne The City God has Planned
13 August Phil Maslin Birmingham Why Should I Read the Bible?
20 August Martin Bullivant Coventry The Divine Mathematician
27 August John Parry Leamington The significance of Christ's miracles
3 September Joshua Harrison Nottingham The Bible - Our Destination Guide
10 September Paul Thornton Rugby "God's Promises For You
17 September Allen Paul Birmingham The Relevance Of The Bible For Modern Life
24 September Reg Carr Barton-Under-Needwood Archaeology Proves The Higher Critics Wrong
1 October Richard Cook Birmingham The Devil Does Not Exist
8 October David Nichols Nottingham One Bible - Many churches - Why?
15 October Kevin Allison Rugby The Harmony of the Bible
22 October Richard Cooper Knowle The Family and Friends of Jesus
29 October Sam Tomkins Coventry True Repentance and True Baptism
5 November Geoff Cave Clowne Who or what is 'Antichrist'?
12 November Peter Colston Coventry The Bible explains why God allows suffering
19 November Matthew Pearce Rugby The Jews - God's witnessess
26 November Jamie Palmer Llanelli What is it that is 'bound' during the millennium?
3 December Steve Robinson Coventry Jesus did not believe in a Trinity
10 December Joni Mannell Walsall Baptism - The Bible basis
17 December Peter Forbes Glenfield Creation and Revelation
24 December David Fry Coventry Looking beyond the birth of Jesus
31 December Kevin Sweeney Coventry God's New Year's Honours list

Some previous talks are available for listening here:

17 Jan '16 Jeff Sewell Coventry Creation Not Evolution 1
24 Jan '16 Steve Swain Knowle Heaven And Hell
14 Feb '16 David Brown Coventry What We Can Learn From The Ethiopian Eunuch
21 Feb '16 John Botten Knowle What Became Of The Second Coming
6 Mar '16 Jeff Sewell Coventry Creation Not Evolution 2
13 Mar '16 Peter Colston Coventry Baptism Is Essential For Salvation
20 Mar '16 Andy Coleman Birmingham God's View Of Your Life
1 May '16 Gerland Hayes Coventry The Gospel Of Paul
8 May '16 Julian Harding Birmingham The Seed Of Eternal Life
15 May '16 Nathan Kitchen Birmingham Why Bible Study Is Important
29 May '16 Brian Newall Coventry The Amazing Accuracy Of Bible Prophecy
12 Jun '16 Phil Maslin Birmingham Will There Ever Be Peace On Earth
3 Jul '16 Enzo Maffioli Leicester The Journey Of Faith
10 Jul '16 Jamie Palmer Llanelli The Holy Spirit Power NOT Person
17 Jul '16 Graham Parker Dudley Bible Teaching About Syria
24 Jul '16 Andy Shemeld Nottingham The Bible And How To Read It
31 Jul '16 Kevin Sweeney Coventry Sincerity And Truth
7 Aug '16 Trevor Hanson Birmingham Israel In Bible Prophecy
14 Aug '16 Richard Dargie Coventry The Importance of Belief
21 Aug '16 Clive Williams Coventry The Visible Hand of God
28 Aug '16 John Wane Coventry Does It Matter What We Believe?
4 Sep '16 David Honey Coventry Why We Can Rely On The New Testament Manuscripts
11 Sep '16 Derek Wroughton Birmingham Which Is The Greatest Commandment?
18 Sep '16 Paul Thornton Rugby Brexit and Bible Prophecy
25 Sep '16 Allen Paul Birmingham Immortal Soul and Immortal Life - What's The Difference?
2 Oct '16 Donald Pearce Rugby Ukraine in Bible Prophecy
9 Oct '16 Arne Roberts Dunstable Death of a Champion
16 Oct '16 Peter Forbes Glenfield Israel - Proof positive that God exists
23 Oct '16 David Pearce Northampton The battle of Waterloo and the Bible
30 Oct '16 Steve Robinson Coventry Why the Holy Spirit gifts are not available today
27 Nov '16 Simon Dean Ware Bible Coins - Images of Bible Truth
4 Dec '16 Jeff Sewell Coventry Signs of Christ's Soon Return
11 Dec '16 Phil Mallinder Leicester Keep Calm - Angels at Work
18 Dec '16 Pete Brown Coventry Jerusalem - Future Capital of the World


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